Hi, Aled Jones here. Musician, web designer and lover of beetroot.

I'm a London based violist, arranger, composer and web designer who loves nothing more that a beetroot, mayonnaise and ham sandwich. I bake, ride my bike and love my Android phone like a beautiful jellybean baby.

Hi, Aled Jones here. Musician, web designer and lover of beetroot.

I'm a London based violist, arranger, composer and web designer who loves nothing more that a beetroot, mayonnaise and ham sandwich. I bake, ride my bike and love my Android phone like a beautiful jellybean baby.

Born in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire in the heart of the midlands (or if you're a Londonite - 'up north'), I spent my formative years with the scent of Marmite pervading my very soul and being. Love it or hate it, there's nothing quite so wholesome as this sludgy, brown byproduct of the brewing industry. Marmite aside, my formative years were spent living in the village of Alrewas. I remember long summer days by the river, playing gayly in the fields, frolicking between the wild flowers and dodging the odd stimulated bull (Yes... I have the scars to prove it).

"The beet is the most intense of vegetables. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious."

I moved to Cardiff at the age when one does such things, studying for my BMus in Viola performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Then after four years of happy memories, excellent cocktails and a particularly enjoyable rendition of Liberty bell, I ventured to the city of dreams -- London. I had arrived, fresh faced and fancy-free to attend the Royal College of Music. Two years worth of prematurely terminating buses later, I would enter the 'real' world and here I find myself tap tap tapping away at a keyboard wondering where on earth this sentence is going to go. As it happens, nowhere.

My first web designing experience came in 2011 when, on christmas morn, I awoke wide-eyed and full of festive cheer. In my stocking, along with the obligatory Satsuma and the white sugar mice you never see anywhere but in Christmas stockings, was a card with a domain name written inside. 'What could this mean?' I asked myself... "What could this mean?" I asked someone who was actually in possession of the answer. Well dear reader, as I'm sure you can guess - I had my very first webpage. The rest, as they say, is history.


The grand total of pennies in my penny jar.


My current guitar string count.


Levels completed of Candy Crush Saga.


My main instrument is the viola which I studied at both the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff and the Royal College of Music, London. I learnt the viola, saxophone and piano from an early age (as well as a short and somewhat unsuccessful encounter with a trombone). I'm a rare breed having initially started on the viola after the instrument thrust into my hands with the exclamation, "You're a nice tall boy - have this." And thus my love affair began.


There's something a bit special about the viola. Partly to do with the fact that, as instruments go, it's just not quite right. The practicalities of playing the thing means that, what should be nearer to the size of a cello, is confined to that resembling a violin. The slightly squashed, nasal tone that results is what makes it special. It's like the kid at the back of the class quietly chewing his way through the crayons. But you sort of love him for it cause he can draw dinosaurs with his tongue and, you know, dinosaurs are cool.

"Where words fail, music speaks."

While studying, I was fortunate enough to perform in masterclasses and coaching sessions with such eminent players as the Chilingirian Quartet, the Eroica Quartet, Simon Rowland-Jones and Lawrence Power.

As well as my freelance work, I am a founding member of Queen's Gate Consort, a London based ensemble incorporating string trio and Voice. We provide high quality music for events and functions, recently working for organisations such as the British Red Cross and the Armed forces.

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composition & arranging

Being in the viola section, right at the heart of an orchestra, has its advantages. Not only do you get to sample some excellent baked goods curtesy of your fellow violists but you also get an insight into the inner workings of the music. Viola's are multitaskers - A counter melody here, some infamous "um-cha-cha" there - dipping down to the bass line and... ...oh golly, back up for some melody action. I take advantage of this insight through my arranging and composition. I have arranged much of the music for Queen's Gate Consort as well as projects orchestrating for film.

My compositions are varied in style reflecting my eclectic tastes. Commissions have required pastiche as well as completely original works. Recent projects include music to accompany the microdocumentary of Creatmosphere´s Lumière installation at Royal Horticultural Society Wisley, a sonata for viola and piano and 'Shanty' for Bass and Piano.

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web designer

Design should be beautiful, engaging and exciting yet always maintain functionality and usability. Devices for viewing web content are varied and numerous. Different screen sizes and interactivity (be it mouse and keyboard, touch or gesture) all add to the complexity of creating in this medium. I build projects with flexibility and responsiveness at their heart.

Technology is moving forwards very quickly. As web technologies progress, more and more is expected from the experience, not only on the desktop but also on mobile and hand-held devices. A balance has to be made between functionality, usability and aesthetics.

The process of designing and building a site is simple and best results come when the client feels able to openly input into the process. The workflow follows this structure:


Getting an idea of what you require is key to the process. Whether via email, telephone or face to face, the process begins with you. You can have as much input as you wish, shaping the project to exactly what you want.


Developing on your ideas and deciding on functionality. In the form of sketches and rough mock-ups, I will present a selection of ideas to you. Say what you like, say what you don't - together honing the design to perfection.


And... they're off! This is where it all gets put together. Front end (the user's side) and back end (data sources and code) are built upon solid foundations, tailor made specifically for each project.

Beet of the day!

Burpees Golden

A Victorian variety of beetroot bred by the old American seedhouse Burpee. The roots are orange-yellow in colour and turn to a deep golden yellow when cooked.